Palma Llopis

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Palma Llopis is a Spanish and
Berlin-based photographer working on portraits, fashion, documentary and personal projects.

Through her photography, Palma explores relationships and the environments in which they’re conducted, through studies of the moment, associated colours and light. In doing so, she creates her own code and language that is transferred to her work with a unique and natural flair. The inquisitive sensibilities of Palma’s projects often examine themes of personal interest and importance to her - documenting their fundamental essence with a refreshing honesty and candour.
Spain +34 610 504 397
Deutschland +49 152 25156359

Commercial Portfolio on request


Clients / Collabs Schön! Magazine, Metal Magazine, Vein Magazine, The Magvzine, Trommel, Biest, ABV, High Perspective, Bite, Marsano

Artists / Musicians 
Mueveloreina, The Ghost, Bruno Schmidt, Cala Vento, Sugar Free, Sau Poler, Malika, Quest, Christian AB, Workforce, Zoe, Conxi Sane, Marc Volk


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